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Electromagnetism is my favorite subjects in physics, However, it sounds to be very complex. Can you suggest me any free e-book to study electromagnetism? Also explain if possible, how can we apply Maxwell's equations to invent some real device.


Hello Mohan,

I have not encountered any e-books about electromagnetism. I am sure some exist. In fact, a simple search (electromagnetism ebook) yielded a list of web sites. I got 450,000 hits. I have no information to support recommending any of them to you. As an example, here is just 1 link from my hits that will bring up a list of several such free books.

I can recommend a website called hyperphysics. They don't have ebooks, but it is a web site that discusses many Physics topics. I intended to give you a link to them, but the website seems to be "not available" today. I have used many of their web pages and always found them to be well written. In hopes that they will soon be up again, I recommend that you search for them and see if it can help you.

Regarding inventing some real device related to Maxwell's equations - I don't think I can help, inventions require a better imagination than mine.

I hope this helps,


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