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Pretend the book Pinocchio only has 999 total letters in sequence.  

The first option on this page    
is set to "999".  
The second option is set to "1".  
The third option contains all 26 English alphabet letters.

If the "Click to Generate" button was continually pushed for eternity, would the results (sequences of 999 letters);

1.   Eventually write the book Pinocchio.
2.   Never write the book Pinocchio.
3.   Write infinite copies of the book Pinocchio.

? ? ?


Hello Kaylee,

Probability is not my field, but my answer for this would be
"3.   Write infinite copies of the book Pinocchio."

I think I can safely predict that Pinocchio would be likely to emerge after some finite, but very large, number of pushes of the button. Eternity would give you a long time to continue pushing the button.

I hope this helps,


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