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1.Why electrons are not get attracted by protons?
2. In van de graff generator, the dome is made of metal (conductor), then how its possible for the accumulation of electrons? Static electricity can happen only in Insulator, right?

Hello Subash,

1. They are attracted by the protons. The question is why don't they crash into the nucleus? It seems so obvious that the electrons should crash into the nucleus.
This is a difficult question to answer in a forum like this. I don't know the level of your education. The best answers are carefully written and quite extensive. They involve difficult math and concepts. I can't claim to fully understand it either.

I will give you links to several discussions of the physics of atoms related to your question. I'll try to start with basic discussions and save the more difficult discussions for later. The later discussions are not strictly limited to your question, but parts of the material in the later discussions support parts of the earlier discussions.

2. The dome is conductive, that's true, but it is isolated because the mounting hardware holding it in place is made of insulator. Because the dome is a conductor, the charges that were placed on the dome distribute themselves around the surface of the dome. This accomplishes maximizing of the separation from the other charges. As more charges are added, they have to crowd closer together to achieve the new maximum possible distance from similar charges. But they can't get off the dome because the dome is insulated - they are trapped on the dome.

I apologize for this being late - no excuses.

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