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unkwn cap values
unkwn cap values  
This capacitor is out of my old K7sem motherboards original power supply and the capacitor blew up a few times and was replaced w/a similar one, from radio shack and frys w/ a similar one, last few times, or may have been an adjacent similar one but was lesser in length but wider in diameter, but one from Jameco might have been exact if I could remember correctly the initial time it went out. The numbers off of the original cap has melted or dissipated and is no longer viewable and is just all molted black casing.

cap length
1.158 in 29.41 mm

diameter on top
.338 in
8.58 mm

diameter on middle
.335 in
8.52 mm

notes: V can be double and/or more , must = same uF

Hello Roy,

I'm sorry, there is no way to determine the original value of your cap from the physical dimensions of its case. Some cap manufacturers use a few standard case sizes and simply vary the insides to produce the capacitance values required.



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