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Physics/Heisenberg uncertainty principle


I'm sure all physicists would agree that overcoming this problem would be one of, if not the greatest breakthrough of the century.  I have 2 questions about this principle.

1)Is it a rule, or do we just not have the proper technology to overcome,
and 2)Would cooling down particles to just above absolute zero have any effect on being able to measure both the movement and location of said particles?

I discuss this one with friends often as if we could find the answer to this issue, quantum entanglement would then potentially allow communications to happen at any distance instantly, such as the sub-space transmissions on Star Trek.

Hello Louis,

The acceptance level of the uncertainty principle is beyond hypothesis. It is considered to be either accepted theory, like Einstein's Theory of Relativity, or law, like Newton's 3 Laws of Motion. Check out this website
Check out the the 2nd paragraph, especially the italicized sentence. That answers your 1st question.

On your 2nd question, I direct your attention to

I don't claim to understand the uncertainty principle, but I do accept it.

I hope this helps,


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