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Physics/Alarm Bell with different ringtones.


Dear Prof Steve

Is it possible to customise alarm Bell product with different ringtones?.

This could be possible by designing a remote control which will have push buttons Triggered for setting different ringtones?.


Hello Prashant,

Many alarms use the car's horn. Of course that design would not allow sophisticated ringtones. More sophisticated alarms run a series of tones that sound like the sirens of various emergency vehicles. I don't know how those tones are produced, but they likely could play music if that is what you want. Alarm systems already commonly interface with a remote control, so they could be upgraded to allow selecting ringtones.

So yes - that could be done. In fact I decided to do a search
[car Alarm with different ringtones].
It has been done.

I'm sorry this was late. As I get older, it seems time goes faster.


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