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Could you please help me with a numerical. To tell you exactly I am a student of tenth grade.The question is this:
"An overhead water tank is fixed at the height of 10m from thground and has a capacity of 500l. Calculate the time required to fill the tank from a pump of 0.5 H.P.  whose efficiency is 90%"
I understand that first we have to find power in watt which is probably equal to 373 watt. But what about the volume?? How to get mass so that I can use it in the relation W=m*g*h. Please help me out.


For these types of problems, the key is to know the liquid type.  In your case, it is probably water.  Once you know what is being pumped, you can use the density to get the mass.  Water has a density of 1.0 g/mL (or 1 kg/L). So, for this problem the mass you need to move is 500 L * 1 kg/L, or 500 kg.

Other problems may have you pumping something else.  In that case, you will need to get the density from someplace.  There are many online tables that have liquid densities.  These will be in units of g/mL or kg/L.  Sometimes density will be called "specific gravity" and be listed in kg/cubic meter (kg/m^3).

I hope this helps!

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