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Am I right to surmise that the kinematics equations and Newton's 2nd law hold only for Inertial Frames of reference and since when we move ,...we accelerate and decelerate all the time.,,,, So for most real world situations, the "Laws" do not apply?

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Hello yee,

Your statements about Inertial Frames of Reference are true but your conclusion is not true as uniformly as you suspect. Usually when we move and accelerate, our motion and acceleration can be described in the inertial frame of referenced that we inhabit. And the kinematics equations and Newton's 2nd law would apply.

There are times that we are in a frame of reference that is accelerating and is therefore not inertial. Examples include when we are riding in a bus going around a corner. Accurately tossing an apple to a friend several rows ahead of you would be difficult.

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