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Hello sir

Sir my question  which i had mentioned down may be very irritative and senseless according to me. Sir you only tell was it really

Sir my question is  why only  light makes things visible what is in the light why only ight we have our eyes but why light makes us visible. except light there is no other thing on the earth which makes things visible.

Well that's what the word means, so I think you mean "perceptible."  We define the visible spectrum of light by what our eyes are capable of receiving and reacting to.  If we were bats, we might define an area of the spectrum of sound that would allow us to perceive objects through echolocation.  So, in a very true sense, light is not the only thing which can interact with an object and allow it to be perceived.  Also, I have a camera that attaches to my phone which takes pictures in the infrared.  Between that and things like radio telescopes, there are at least many forms of light which can be converted into images which we can see.  To allow us to perceive something in the way you're using the word "visible," you need something which can interact with it and which our sensory organs are capable of receiving and interpreting.  Light, sounds, and smells fit this description, which is why we define visible as that which interacts with light between about 400-700 nm in wavelength.  Why is there not some other thing which behaves like light?  Well, that's the way the universe is and we really don't have a way to change that.


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