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Hello Stephon sir

Sir iam very interested in physics but i have some questions which are confusing me . and i have asked some off the doutbs to my teachers but i have not asked all because i thought they will get irritated. Sir can you help me in solving my physics doubts because sir my some doubts are irritable so iam afraid to ask anyone freely.Sir when i try to understand physics some doubts are there but i asked some doubts and some are remaining . Sir please tell me can you help me. Sir can you hep me in solving my doubts in physics. Sir please send a reply to this message in 24 hrs and sir please tell me how much time would you take to answer my questions. Sir you wi hwp me or not Sir please hep me please i want an support in maths and physics so that i can make my future briliant. please hep me sir . please iam requesting you. Sir please send answers to my question in 48 hrs. Sir i am searching for Ask a question to physician and you got to me Sir please can you help me for  making my future bright. Sior can you provide me support and can you help me. Please sir pease understand and please help me iam waiting in 24 hrs for answer to this request. Sir i have requested you it is your wish that you will help me or not. Sir think sir if you are teacher or scientist remember sir anyone would have helped you please sir iam asking that only  help me. I woud be thankful to you. Sir iam waiting for tommorrows reply. Please sir i want and help please to understand. I am intersested in maths and physics but the problem is some where it is difficult to me to understand. that's my problem sir. Sir tell me no one will help me. There are thousands of student who are not interseted for them millions of teachers are their. For me school teachers will help but i am afraid please ask you own soul and accept my request. Sir iam not asking money but iam asking knowlage to share about physics and if possible maths. Plese it isin your hand what to do. tommorrow i am waiting for you answer please donot cheat. My humble request to you.


This website exists so that you can get expert help with specific questions.  We volunteer on it so that we can answer them.  Please just ask your questions, there's no need to ask if we will answer them.  If they are homework questions, I will not answer them.  If they are questions about physics, I will answer them.


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Dr. Stephen O. Nelson


I can answer most basic physics questions, physics questions about science fiction and everyday observations of physics, etc. I'm also usually good for science fair advice (I'm the regional science fair director). I do not answer homework problems. I will occasionally point out where a homework solution went wrong, though. I'm usually good at explaining odd observations that seem counterintuitive, energy science, nuclear physics, nuclear astrophysics, and alternative theories of physics are my specialties.


I was a physics professor at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin, research in nuclear technology and nuclear astrophysics. My travelling science show saw over 20,000 students of all ages. I taught physics, nuclear chemistry, radiation safety, vacuum technology, and answer tons of questions as I tour schools encouraging students to consider careers in science. I moved on to a non-academic job with more research just recently.

Ph. D. from Duke University in physics, research in nuclear astrophysics reactions, gamma-ray astronomy technology, and advanced nuclear reactors.

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