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Hello sir

Sir WE all know about static electricity in that the charges which are present i.e. NEGATIVE AND POSITIVE CHARGES , are they protons (positive) and Electrons ( negative) means for eg when we rub glass rod which cointains negative charge , when we rub it with  silk cloth which contains positive , , sir on object the charges are present, are they protons ( positive charge) means in silk there are protons and electrons means in glass rod there are electrons.? iS I CORRECT REALLY THEY ARE PROTONS AND NUETRONS.If ima not correct then whatare thses charges.

i HOPE YOU UNDERSTOOD my question . sir i first searched in google i not got the answer so iam asking you. Sir please answer as quick ad possible please as my exams are near . please my  humble request sir my age is 14, Sir i provided my age because it would be easier for you to explain according to my understanding level.

I am waiting for your reply please replt fast


Protons are positive charges, neutrons are neutral (not charged), and electrons are negative charges.  We have a century of working with these particles separately to understand them.

In the rod and the silk you describe, the protons and electrons are balanced.  The rubbing just helps an excess of electrons move from one to the other.  Therefore the one that has electrons removed will have an excess of protons and be positively charged.  The other one will have the electrons move to it and become negative (more electrons than protons).  There will only be a small excess of charges in either case.

Stop asking me to reply fast, I reply when I read these and have time to give them proper thought.  


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