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If sun is removed from the solar system, how much time life in the earth can survive. Will the life go away immediately or in days or futhermore?

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Not immediately in human terms, but in geologic or cosmic terms then relatively quickly.  The surface life would go first, anything that depended directly (plants) on photosynthesis on a daily basis would vanish in a few days.  Most of the rest of the surface life would simply freeze to death.  Life around thermal vents heated by the Earth's core would last far longer, probably for many years.  The exact timetable would depend on how deep they were hidden under the oceans, but that would take years and the heat at the middle of the Earth is partly supported by natural radioactive decay of heavy elements in the soil.  Such vents could go on supporting primitive life for many thousands of years.  The theory of "snowball Earth" is not new ( ), but removing the Sun via some magical mechanism entirely would make the Earth much colder.  The orbits of all the planets would go mostly straight, and we could very well collide with objects in the asteroid belt or elsewhere very quickly.

Basically, surface life would vanish almost immediately in geologic terms (months), and primitive life survival is far harder to estimate.  I don't see how the Sun is about to just up and vanish, however.


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