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I am working on an egg drop project for my high school physics class. I will be dropping three eggs from the top of our football stadium (14 meters tall). The container can only be made out of recyclable metal, including wire and aluminum tape, and it has to weigh less than one kilogram. Do you have any advice as to how I can protect these eggs?

Well that's very restrictive.  Essentially you need a crush zone.  If you don't want your crush zone to be spherical, you need something to keep the crush zone in front of the egg.  I'd suggest soda cans spiral-cut into springs, something form-fitting to cup the shell, and a parachute made of aluminum foil to both slow it and keep it upright.  You do need something in case it topples over, too, or to have it land on a large base and hope it doesn't tip over.

Good luck!


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