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Hello sir

Sir I want to make my base strong especially in physics so I asked in the previous mail that from which grade I start.Sir we are referring ncert book.Can you please suggest me some ways that how can I make my base strong in physics.Sir iam not able to understand physics very quickly and fastly.


OK, I am completely unfamiliar with your educational system because it is clearly not American and I live in the United States.  I can only suggest general ways to become strong in physics:
1)  Start with a book at a low enough level that you understand it and give it a quick read-through.  Nothing is as important in learning physics when you begin as confidence.  Understanding a few simple problems and solving them successfully will give you confidence, and on that you can build to more complex problems.  Complex problems in physics are basically just constructed of simpler problems, and their solution lies in breaking them apart and analyzing the simple parts.
2)  Do more than is required of you, but don't waste time doing it all the way.  This method was arrived at by an unlikely student of mine, and I espouse its use to this day.  He would spend time studying by setting up all the problems in the back of the book, but realized that once he had the equations chosen and the problems outlined, that doing the math was the easy part he could always manage.  Aced test after test, despite claiming to have no idea what was going on.

Hopefully that helps, I really don't know what specifically to tell you.  I don't know anything about your grades and what they teach in them, so I can't just spit out a number for you.


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