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Physics/Fish Water tank glass material.


Dear Prof Steve

The Fish water tank glass material could be Convex lens for magnification?


Hello Prashant,

Fish bowls do that, but I expect you are thinking of the tanks with rectangular sides and bottom. So, I am picturing one big lens, instead of being round like lenses usually are, cut so it is rectangular. Hmmm - getting a water tight seal at the edges would be difficult because the thickness would vary along the length of the cut. But assume a water tight seal could be accomplished. Another issue is that it would significantly increase the weight of the empty tank. Another option would be to grind the glass so that only an area in the center magnifies, allowing the edges to be normal flat glass. Then you just need to convince the fish to swim mostly in line with the magnifier. Or could you hold a magnifying lens between the tank and your eye?

I hope this helps,


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