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Search for dumb waiter wrote at 2006-07-13 17:26:03
Actually, the device is called a "dumb waiter" and NOT a "lazy susan". From wikipedia: A lazy Susan is a turntable placed on top of a table to aid in moving food on a large table or counter tops.  

FriarTuck1954 wrote at 2009-05-21 17:55:33
The answer above references the wrong nomenclature. A laze Susan is a round plate on bearing that allows persons across a table to pass material by spinning the plate. Look for a system with the word "Butler,"or "Dumb Waiter," in it.  Service, package, etc., they are still not designed for much in the way of a load.

I too am trying to come up with an elevator system on the cheap, I've looked at high speed winches (approximating that of an elevator,)I've looked at man lifts, cargo lifts, home elevators of all brands and drive systems.$$$$ At this point the most economic looks to be in the realm of a modified "boat lift,"with an over sized take-up wheel to gain speed.  If you have access to a welding shop, fabrication would be reasonable.

Randy wrote at 2009-07-24 02:24:00

I have the same issue. I just finished a treehouse and I need an elevator. What did you eventually do? I'm thinking dumbwaiter gears myself.



masterslay wrote at 2015-02-16 14:50:42
If you use a block and tackle with rope two things to remember

(1) The number of pulleys used lessens the pull load required.

(2) The safety factor. You might want to consider a couple closed face cam cleats sold as sailing ship hardware.  


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