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Mike R. wrote at 2014-04-01 12:39:20
I bought a Milner upright piano at a thrift store about a year ago in Alabama. Except for the fact that yours is a player piano, mine looks just like yours. I would not be surprised to find that mine was originally a player piano which had been converted.

All I can find on the Milner brand is that a Milner Music Co. used to be located at 25-27 W. 6th St. in Cincinnati, OH. Apparently Milner was bought by Wurlitzer at some point. I believe Milner was in fact its own company prior to around 1917 but not necessarily that Milner actually manufactured pianos. An old advertisement I found on the Internet indicates that Milner was more of a music retailer which sold all sorts of instruments and sheet music or music rolls. Milner branded pianos may have been manufactured by any of a surprisingly large number of piano makers in that part of the country around the turn of the Century, to include Wurlitzer and Baldwin. Unfortunately, that's all I can find.  

Dominic Bullamac wrote at 2014-11-17 08:48:35
Hello. I have just read the questions re 1916 Milner Player piano etc--only four years late! I have owned two Milner & Thompson pianos, and still have one of them. There was a music shop in Christchurch, new Zealand several years ago, named Milner & Thompson, and they had pianos made for them by the Haake factory in Germany, and sold them under the Milner & Thompson brand. This was a common practice in former days, I believe. Milner & Thompson pianos are not exactly that rare here in NZ. There may be no connection between Milner pianos and the Christchurch music shop. That is about all I can contribute, other than it may be worth trying Begg's music store in Christchurch, NZ. They have been around a long time in NZ, and may know something about any connection. Kind regards, Dominic Bullamac

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