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Kam wrote at 2012-12-13 21:54:38

I'd like to buy this organ! Are they still available? My mail is carmill@o2.pl. Thank you!

Kerryn O wrote at 2015-06-07 05:54:00
I have one EXACTLY the same. I got it for Christmas when I was about 8yrs old in the 70's. It was bought from Waltons Gosford NSW. I know because my Mother worked there and i used to look at it all the time. I doubt very much that these organs were built in the 1910's 1920's as suggested!!

Lois wrote at 2016-05-09 18:21:41
I have a child' organ by Estey. Mine is from early 1940's. A magazine from that time showed it in a child's room. When I researched it, it is going from $300. to $500. You can always come down in price, but you can't go up. Good luck.  

Piano, Organ, and Keyboard

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PIPE ORGAN QUESTIONS ONLY. Please NO questions about pianos, piano age, piano value. Those should be directed to specialists in that area found elsewhere on this website. I can assist you with questions regarding PIPE ORGAN age, how to find a competent service technician, names of local builders and their various specialties, possibilites for selling or purchasing PIPE ORGANS. I can often help an organist with emergency/temporary repairs. My experience with pump organs, also known as reed organs or harmoniums, is limited but will happily share what I can on that subject. Piano questions should be directed to others. Question regarding your piano should be directed to others. Others can help you with your piano questions. I don't do pianos. No Piano Questions here.


I have 10 years full-time experience and another 15 years part-time experience in the pipe organ building/repair industry. My experience includes tuning, regulation, repairs, moving, storage, expansion and total restoration of all four pricipal pipe-organ action types: tracker, tubular pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and electro-mechanical, including (but not limited to) those built by Skinner, Kimball, Pilcher, Moller, Kilgen, Holtkamp, Schantz, Wicks, Austin, Wurlitzer, Morton, Barton, Hook, Erben, Stevens, Johnson, Jardine and Estey. I have been employed by various churches as organist or organist-choir director since 1980. I have designed new spaces for the installation of pipe organs and consulted on acoustic qualities in sacred spaces.

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