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PianoTechDude wrote at 2013-02-01 20:58:17
I thought I should add to this, because I am a piano technician myself. First off, William is right, I am not a registered tech but definitely know my field. The whole RPT from the PTG is nothing more than a costly invention to get peoples money, like a union, just to say you are part of something that verifies you can do what you claim, and is not necessary.

 Now to the piano. I just came across one of these Janssens with the Lowery organ, and tubes are available, and not too expensive. you can find them online. There are plenty of new amplifiers that use the old tubes that are becoming more popular these days with guitar amps, etc. trying to recreate that rich tone only found with tube amps. Same with the old Hammond organs, and Leslie's, they are all sought after, and tubes are in plenty. I was lucky to have found an envelope inside the piano case that contains the schematics for the amp, and shows all the tubes it calls for, as well as any other of the electrical parts. I may have to make a copy for future reference for people that come across these.

  Don't give up on the organ part of these, since they will become a collectors item at some point. This is the first of it's kind combing the piano and organ together in one unit and I predict they will increase in value as time goes on.

Piano, Organ, and Keyboard

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