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 I have been asked to perform for a senior home an hour's worth of songs for the entertainment of their guests. What is the proper etiquette in this situation as far as taking a bow, and announcing song names? It is a paid gig, but still seems pretty informal. I thought about not giving them so it would be a surprise, but if I didn't I fear they may not recall the song! The songs are pretty much classics (Frankie Blue Eyes, maybe a little Dean Martin, etc) something they would remember way back when. Thanks much!


Hi, Andrew!

Thank you for your note and congratulations on your upcoming concert!!

If there is no "program" that you have submitted to this facility - or a "theme" selected -
you are not required to share what pieces you are playing prior to the event.

If you are comfortable talking with these residents -- It would be a nice gesture
to introduce each piece - if you like.  

If you'd prefer not to do this - I would suggest that before you play - just mention to the audience that you will be playing somefavorite selections by... blah blah blah..that you are sure they will all recognize...  Just to give them a general idea of what you will be doing. Who doesn't love Sinatra and Dean?  
Am sure they will love all that you do.

As far as bowing..  I'd say that's a little "formal" in that most senior settings are not on stage.  If you ARE on stage ( rare occasion) you certainly can acknowledge your group by doing a quick head nod at the piano and thank them all for attending.

Most senior groupings are held in relatively small rooms -- very informal -  and if the person hiring you has no "bio" to present - feel free to share a few things about you, Andrew -

There really is no definite guideline when doing these performances -- My best suggestion to you is to SMILE -- try to keep contact with them and not get buried in the piano -- and
be sure to wear something appropriate - i.e. sport jacket, suit, etc.

IF you are able - ask for requests at the end. That is always a huge hit with the people.

Have fun!!  Kathie  

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