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I have an old set of student vibes and the motor has simply stopped.  It is an inexpensive set, but I would like to have it repaired.  I tried to find a motor rewinding service, but could not do so.  Any suggestions on how to get this repaired?  Thanks, Harold

Hello Harold,

It would be helpful if you told me what brand vibes you own. Depending on your level of experience working with small motors, you could try to find a manual available from the source that might provide some simple repair steps. If you are comfortable with disassembling, attempting to repair, and reassembling the motor that might be an option but it might be too risky. The issue might involve an external component and may not require getting into the motor at all. It might be best if you just take it into an instrument repair technician, or ship the damaged parts to be repaired. I've been told that the best option would be Century Mallet Instrument Service in Chicago.

Best of luck!  

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