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uncle duke wrote at 2013-11-07 01:40:29
It could be the book you're using to learn. I took a peek at the contents of what you're using at lessons and there are songs there to learn also. Chances are that the right hand melody parts {the way the music is supposed to sound like} will consist of using "penta" scales verses 8 note major scales. Those songs will also teach you a simple lesson about phrasing. Phrasing is the sound of the notes being played using quarter, half, eight, sixteenths, or whichever order they are placed by the composer of the music. I may not of explained that in simple enough terms because I write mostly "off the cuff". Sorta like the improvising you'll be doing if you learn the 5 note pentascales. IMO- the major scales will be easier because of the sound they make when the notes are all played in order. Three months isn't a lot of time to really master anything. Find some of your teachers other students from past times and see how they've progressed through the months/years. Me thinks you should hack it out on the piano for the next 3 years religiously at the least to see what you're made of. It doesn't matter if you keep the same teacher or get another one. Don't be offended by any of this and remember this- you're only as good as you practice.  

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