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QUESTION: Hi Kathie,

I was hoping that you could give a listen to this piece (1st movement) I've been playing. I was hoping if you could give me some advice on things to improve. Thanks so much.

I've been working on the turns/ornaments lately, which is probably the hardest part for me. Sometimes my fingers get stuck.

Here's a link to the recording: https://www.dropbox.com/s/12o7e1molgnp8od/DR0000_0036.wav

Here's a link to the score.


ANSWER: Thanks for your note -- Sorry you are having difficulty with your
"turns / ornaments"..  I have no idea what that means but I'm wondering if you
are working with a qualified teacher?  To prevent your fingers from tying in knots - you
would have to have mastered proper fingering techniques. Do you use the fingering provided
on the music?  Do you practice scales, regularly?  My biggest question to you is
your method of practice - your preparation to be able to perform a Sonata. How long
have you been playing? How long have you studied? And how much do you practice?  Then I
can advise you better. Thanks.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Were you able to open up the recording? I'm talking about the ornaments that appear in the first movement, like in measure 3.

And yes, I'm using the fingering provided in the music. I do practice scales regularly. I'm working with a teacher at the moment, but I'm mostly just playing for fun (not professionally!). I'm a college student, so I find as much time as I can to play - probably around 30-45 mins a day.


I am leery to download attachments to avoid viruses
but I will listen to your playing.   

If you are only playing for fun - and not even an hour a day - you probably
won't perform as well as you'd prefer.  The old "practice makes perfect" is almost right.
Nobody is perfect.. but you do improve.

Without watching you at the piano - I can't really advise what you are doing correctly or not.
Are your fingers curved as well as they can be when you play?

I would advise asking these questions to your teacher.  He/She would be the
best to advise you.  Much good luck.

Kathie Nicolet

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