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I am an adult piano beginner, 45 years old. Iíve been taking lessons for about 3 months and learning quickly. This is the first time in my life Iíve ever had music/instrument lessons. I am going through a book with my teacher called "Adult Piano Adventures I" by Nancy and Randall Faber. I love the book.  However, I have a question about learning scales.  I'm learning the major Pentascales now (both in theory and how to play them).  

But after reading the scales section in a "music theory" book I bought, I realized that 5 notes of a major scale is not the entire scale. A friend who played piano for 10 years said she never learned ďpentascalesĒ, but rather the full scales.   So I don't understand why I'm learning just the "pentascales' and not the entire scale. Is this the right thing to do at my level?  Is there a reason to learn pentascales separate from the full scales?  Am I going to have to relearn the scales when I learn the full 8 note scale?  From what Iím learning, the fingering is completely different when playing the full 8 note scales vs the five finger pentascale.  I feel like Iím wasting my time learning pentascales when I should just learn to be playing the full scales.  Please help.  

Also, do you know any excellent and affordable piano teachers in the downtown Chicago area? I feel my teacher is not very good.  I live in downtown.

Thank you for your question.  I am at a loss as to why you are not learning a full scale. You are correct. Fingering is quite different.
Any scales are good to hone your skills. But I would always encourage learning the full 8 notes.
What concerns me more is that you and your teacher are not on the same page.
I live in the suburbs of Chicago and recommend Eugene Kwok. He is right off the Kennedy
in Park Ridge -- well worth your trip. An excellent teacher and superior pianist.
Joe Cisar is another fine teacher. He was on staff at Roosevelt U
last I heard and a resident of Berwyn. I wish you luck.

Thank you!  Kathie Nicolet

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