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PATENT NUMBER INSIDE HAS DATES: July 12, 1887, Sept, 1, 1896. July 6, 1897.

ANSWER: Hi Lisette:

The Aeolian American Piano Company in East Rochester, NY put that sticker on most of the pianos they made.

The owned the names of several piano manufacturers that went out of business in the early 1920's.

What name is on the front?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: unfortunatly I don't see one. All I see inside the soundboard is the following:
Wessell Nickels Ross, New york, with the patent pending with the dates i provided in first question.
I also wanted to know about piano keys, they are stianed, but it looks as if each individual key has a grain pattern,would this mateial be ivory?

ANSWER: Hi Lisette:

Wessel Nickel and Gross made the action. Aeolian American made the piano.

With no serial number I can't date it, but a picture might help place the furniture era.

The keys are most probably ivory.

There is no easy way to clean them. In the shop we take them individually and literally remove a tiny layer of material exposing "new" ivory beneath.

Some folds try to remove the stain with bleach...this is kind of "iffy" as you can ruin the finish of the piano.

You can go to http://www.ptg.org to find a registered technician in your area. Find one that is willing to remove the action to the shop and perform a cleaning on the ivories.

Or, you can purchase clorox wipes from the grocery store, mask off the furniture, wipe the keys and let them dry. Repeat the process if it looks like it's working.

Ivory keys come in three pieces, the top...where your fingers hit, the tail...the part that goes between the black keys, and the front.

There is a definite seam between the top and tail.

I hope that helped.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for all your great expertise, I've been dusting and cleaning underneath top of piano where strings and hammers are are, I can see in the faintest form (Boll & Sons) or (Roll & Sons) NEW YORK.  and underneath that a circular emblem, but there is no way I can make it out.
Does that help in identify my piano? I'd love to know!
Thanks Again!

Hi Lisette:

My guess is that Roll, or Boll and Son was a retailer and not a manufacturer.

Many times pianos were made for retailer to which they affixed their own names. It was a favorite and popular retail ploy back then.

I'm sticking to my original theory that this was made in East Rochester, NY by the Aeolian American company.

And, unfortunately, with a serial number, I can't date it.

Perhaps more "dusting" around will reveal on. Don't be afraid to use a damp cloth.  

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