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My daughter just started to learn piano she is 5.  Can she start learning on organ piano and she is taking lessons on upright piano. We don't know how they are different. Or should we go for the piano.

Meena - Thank you for your question.
No problem with your daughter playing organ piano and taking lessons
on an upright.  
As she gets older and needs to use the pedal - I would suggest getting her
an inexpensive upright.
The "feel" of a keyboard is quite different and would make a difference to your daughter
as she becomes more accomplished.
For the first year or so - the kids learn where the keys are- fingering -
curving their fingers, properly.. etc.. The basics.
If she is still serious about playing piano by the end of the first year and the teacher
wants to incorporate a PEDAL...... I would stronglyo advise taking her off that organ piano
and getting her a "real" one.  For now - she won't really know the difference between the organ/piano and the acoustic upright.  Don't wait longer than a year.

Good luck!   KN

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