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I'm not 100%sure where the serial number Is on my Chickering  piano. There is a larger number right below the brand name inscripted on the iron near the key paddles. The number is 109.
I'm not sure what else it could possibly be. Please help me :) I feel like I'm On a treasure hunt to see if I have a historic antique in my living room, or just an average every day piano. Many thanks!!!!

Hi Libby,

You should look at the cast iron plate again for the serial number; it should have five or six digits. If your piano is a grand (109 is a grand scale design), it most likely will be on one of the diagonal cross beams above the strings. Removing the key slip (the wooden strip) in front of the keys usually reveals the serial number. There are three or four screws underneath the keybed that holds the keyslip. The number is usually engraved on the keyframe and the keyslip.

Good luck.

Sam Noel

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