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Our old piano hasn't been used for many years.  We acquired it in California about 25 to 30 years ago.  My wife now has begun to use it and is taking lessons.  It needs tuning and 1 key doesn't work.  Who knows if it needs any further repair.  We are curious about it's age, potential cost range to tune and "fix", the value and some advice on whether it would be worth it to have this work done to it.  Also, as an alternative,  would you know who might be interested in buying it?  Thanks for whatever info you can provide.  It's a M + A Selmer, Inc., New Castle, IN and shows "Jesse French & Sons" ---  the serial # appears to be 182884. There is also a label/sticker that shows, "Pratt, Read & Co."
Will Lubs

You'll need a piano tuner and you can find them in the phone book or ask a church or school who tunes their pianos.  Sometimes a tuner can also do repairs.  If not, they could refer you to someone.  With age and not being played, it may be hard for a piano to hold a tune.  That happened with my grandmother's piano. It was a good make of piano, but since it hadn't been played, the sound block cracked and it wouldn't stay tuned.  If that is the case, the piano is basically an ornament.  Considering this piano's condition, it still brought $1100 at an auction.  

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