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We have a piano passed down a couple of generations. I do not know anything about pianos. Id like to find out when it was made and approx. retail. It's in good shape but does need a tuneing. Any information would be helpful.
Thank You!

Hi Sandi,

The first step is to have your piano serviced. The tuner-technician can then locate the serial number which can be used to date the instrument. He/she will also be able to visually inspect the 12,000 parts, evaluate the actual condition, and appraise its fair market value.

If you do not have a technician and need a referral in your area, you can contact the Piano Technicians Guild (www.ptg.org). Good luck.

Sam Noel

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I am a contracted piano technician for Steinway and Sons in New York handling warranty issues, prepping pianos for the showroom and delivery; I also serve the City University of NY as a piano technician. I am also self-employed in New York. I apprenticed (Manhattan School of Music)in 1982 and was factory (Steinway) trained in 1983. I have experience tuning, repairing, reconditioning, and appraisals. Please note that appraising an instrument involves a visual inspection and knowledge of the local market area. I am not an expert in player mechanisms, refinishing, electronic keyboards, midi, nor organs. I love the work of making an instrument sound concert quality.


I successfully apprenticed at the Manhattan School of Music under Alan Buchman and Peter Favant in 1982 (also received B.A. in music from same school) and employed by Steinway and Sons in 1983 as a tuner-technician. I also served as service manager for Steinway. Presently, I service pianos for CUNY and I handle warranty issues and tunings for Steinway.

The Piano Technicians Guild, New York Chapter

Manhattan School of Music, BA; American Management Association certificate (Steinway and Sons); Queens College, CUNY, MA

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