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QUESTION: Ive got in my shed an upright piano that needs a tune up and probly sum resto work also.. But before i spends loads of cash on it can you please assist me with identification of its age history possible average value or where i can get it appraised.. ? Im stuck to find any such info about it on the net so far..

H BOENECKE is the name on it..
also has made in Germany on right end just ubove keys.
50804 is stamped on the inside top left.
and its got timber or walnut looking veneer. Please any help be great.

ANSWER: Hi Jack:

In my resources I find a Boenecke, but no information. That means that there were not enough pianos of that manufacture and no records were kept.

When you say, "in my shed", do you mean unheated, outdoor type shed?

The piano has issues just by virtue of its manufacture and age and type.

I would refrain from investing any money in this piano.

If you and your family need a piano in your lives...and who doesn't, I would think about purchasing something reasonable rather than throwing bucks into something that won't return any value.

This Kawai, Young Chang, etc. Stay away from the Chinese pianos...nothing good there.

You can send pictures if you like of the inside and out and that will help me identify the configuration and possible age. But I promise you, by now, all real value is gone.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Cheers and thanks... My shed is more of a garage and the piano has been kept well from weather and moisture. Its puzzled me because i seen one advertised on European site the same as mine exept dark black duco.. And was sold for near 6000 dollars. And it was an f boenecke mine has h written in gold type writing on the front centre piece. Where do i seek more info on the maker of it. Apparently its over 100 years old... Im wanting just to get it tuned right what should i look at paying for somebody to do that. Thanks reall so much for you assistance.

Hi again:

I seriously doubt the 6K figure. You have to be careful here because a famous trick of "rebuilders" is to falsely show a sale price hoping someone will speculate and give them money to rebuild their piano.

I would do this:

Go to http://www.ptg.org  There you can locate a registered tech in your area...I'm assuming you're in the US.

Have them come out on a service call and take a look and maybe attempt to tune. From that you can tell a lot.

Then get back to me and let me know what they say and we'll go from there.

But I promise...a piano over a 100 years old has some serious issues due to age alone and for every dollar you put in you will realize a nickel back...careful!

Keep me posted.

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