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People often think that all pianos are kinda the same. I practiced a boogie woogie thing on my digital piano. Today I played it on a different piano (an upright) and it felt very different. But I think a grand piano is a bit closer to the digital piano. Do you think different pianos feel different when you play them? Do you need to get used to a certain piano that you will use in the jam session? Any advice to me?

Hello!  You have already answered your own question is when you discovered that a digital piano felt nothing like a grand.
Acoustic pianos are nothing like digitals as you now know.   You have to press a lot harder on a grand piano then you do an electronic keyboard.
We call this the "action".    You also cannot get the sound out of the digital that you would from an acoustic piano just by virtue of the way they are built.

No professional musician attends a jam session or a recording session thinking he has to get used to the piano.
This is what an amateur would do so I would not make issue of getting used to an instrument but just sit down and play it .
You will know right away if you are playing a digital or an acoustic and adjust yourself accordingly .

Good luck to you

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