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Tripplets can be hard sometimes. You could think of them as notes that should be played a bit faster. Crotchet (quarter note) tripplets are to be play a little faster than normal crotchets. Is that how we should deal with tripplets? Are there better ways to learn playing tripplets on the piano?

ANSWER: You play triplets in accord with the time signature, fast or slow. There is a way to play triplets as a teacher can show. They are tricky to play when you have like four connected eighth notes in the bass.  They take patience.    That's about the best way to play them.  Start slow, then get more proficient.   Joel

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Do you know how to choose what kind of music genres to play on the piano? I, personally, understand that you can't learn all genres. How can a piano player find out his specific genres?

Nobody can learn all genres.  You play what you like.  That's the best criteria.  If you like classical, play that.  If you like jazz, play that.  If you play classical, for example, there are composers you might especially want to play, like Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, or Schubert.  You'd want to play those who wrote the best piano literature.  Personally, I don't play a lot of classical, but I like music by the American pianist George Winston, Wayne Gratz, or David Lanz.  I also like gospel music and country music.  I like the jazz pianist George Shearing.  The best genre is the genre you like playing.  Joel

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