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Can I get the "hum" fixed in this fully equipped organ? The hum is in the key of F. I checked all the F notes however, no Fs are stuck. I looked in the back and I seemed to narrow it down to a module on the bottom left about a foot from the left side facing the back.
If you need a picture, I will take the organ-back off again.

Please send me the model and serial of your Lowrey organ, Lowrey organs have a IC pair to generate notes,
and a group of IC to divider octaves, try to explain fail with technics words,if you have no experience repairing organs, it is risky to try because it could cause irreparable damage,  will help solve the problem with the right information, you must first check if the plates are very clean with no debris or corrosion,You can see if there are dark pin or rust on the IC generator system and octave dividers,the first action is to clean the pins with kerosene or similar and brush Hilis fine bronze, and ensure that no substances attached to pins,noise in the notes are detectable with an oscilloscope or a signal tracer, but you should have on hand the service manual, please tell me more about your observations...

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