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How much/long should one warm up when playing the piano? What kind of warming up would be good and do you consider scales and things like that the warm up that is needed?  
And for how long should one practice the piano everyday? What is the best way to do exercices on the piano according to you? Do you think Hanon is good or are there better exercises?
Are there also piano exercises that you do away from the piano?

Thanks for your note.

I could better advise you if you tell me how old you are - how
long you've been playing - and do you take lessons, currently?  Are you
a beginner??  When I was taking lessons, Czerny, Hanon, and scales were a MUST.
It's not just a warm up.... it improves your technique by leaps and bounds. But
you MUST use proper fingering as in the book or when performing scales, or you are
making your practice a waste of time.

Standard practice time is an hour..... Younger than l0?? No less than a l/2 hr a day.
You can break your practice up - once in the  morning and again at night if you prefer.

I, personally, do not do "exercises" away from the piano as I've been a performing
professional over 30 yrs and play on a regular basis..

If you are interested in strengthening your hands -- get a rubber ball that fits
in your hand and squeeze.

Good luck!  Kathie Nicolet

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