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QUESTION: Are there any special fingering for mordents? Or are you just supposed to play them as you feel like? What would be the best way to play mordents?

ANSWER: Hello, Hank,

Mordents ( trills) are played with 4th & 5th
fingers, typically.  Depends on what notes you are playing
& which key you are on before the trill.  Don't just use any fingers.
Either 4-5. Or 3-4..,,

Proper fingering is essential when playing piano &
that is why I always advise finding a good piano
teacher.   Bad habits make practice harder.

Good luck!!  Kathie Nicolet

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I read that an (upper) mordent could be play 1-3-2. You seem to advide that one should use only two fingers when playing a mordent. What way is the best? Is three fingers really that good?

I have no clue what notes you are reading and am rather confused by
your description of how this is supposedly stated on your music.. Is it possible to
send me a pic of what you are seeing??  Again - I would strongly advise getting with a
good teacher if you don't already have one.  Kathie NIcolet

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