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I am learning a keyboard solo which is supposed to be played in a fast tempo. It starts with broken chords played downwards. G (root position) played twice, then C (second inversion) played twice and then other chords. For the G chord I think and feel that I am doing some kind of going down on the keyboard twice. It's like my wriste and fingers are going down on the keyboard. There is a slight change in of the chords where you are supposed to play the chords a bit different than done previously. This is where my technique doesn't work. How can I deal with this? Do you have any tips on how to deal with changes like that in a fast solo? And should the fingerins always be 1-3-5 even if it's a fast solo?

Always a good idea to file the fingering on the music except under very unusual circumstances .
Sometimes my teacher would change this lingering for me .

Do not worry about tempo.  Take your time. The more you practice your
broken chords, the faster you will become.
Accuracy is better than speed.  Speed will come!!

Good luck!

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