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I recenty had my piano tuned by a professional tuner. But I am a bit confused. I have a an app on my phone which gives the pitch of certain sounds. When I play the key of A it says something like 435hz. It doesn't say 440hz. I am aware of other strings vibrating due to something called overtones but shouldn't it be 440hz? What is going on with my piano?
Doesn't piano tuners go by the exact pitch that a note should be? The standard is A=440 aftar all.

Yes, your piano should be A-440.  I question how recently it was tuned, and was there a pitch raise involved?

Actually, pianos can vary their pitch due to changes in temperature and humidity, as the strings are terminated on each end by an iron plate, which expands and contracts with temperature.  Typically this is not enough to make a substantial difference, as most pianos are kept within a small range of temperature extremes.  Humidity, however, is a different kettle of fish.  The strings are stretched across a wooden soundboard, and wood expands with moisture and contracts with dryness.  During the summer the relative humidity can average 85% depending on where you live, and in the winter with your heat on it can plummet to around 12%.  So, if you had your piano serviced to A-440 in the summer and now are running heat in your home making conditions dry you can expect the soundboard to have contracted enough to drop the pitch to A-435, which is about 20 cents (1/5 of a semitone).  That is pretty extreme, but it can happen.

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