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Hi. I have just acquired a piano from a neighbor and am wondering if it was worth the  money to move. I don't play myself (hoping one of the kids will) but wanted to know if Leslie Bros. has a good reputation and how old the piano might be. Not sure how to look for any numbers on it. Looks like the tuners signed the inside earliest date I see is 1962. Can you help? Thanks

You  can usually find the serial no. inside the piano around the top/ around the tuning pins.  If you are able to locate it, you can call a local piano store and they can look it up and tell you the age.

The Leslie Co was not a major manufacturer, and I'm not sure it wasn't a stencil brand.  The best way to tell if it's worth taking is to hire a piano tuner and have then inspect it for you.  Many times tuners like myself will offer this service at a reduced rate from other service calls

Good Luck.

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