Piano, Organ, and Keyboard/Janssen Piano/Organ Combination


Chas wrote at 2009-04-07 03:24:41
The 10" speaker alone could be worth $250 to $300.   If it's a Jensen.  Could you send a photo of the capacitors inside the electronics?  Then there is the tube amplifier, someone could make a nice guitar amplifier out of it.  I think it uses 2 6SN7's.  Some of the vintage capacitors sell for big dollars.

Stephen Boone wrote at 2012-11-14 14:50:59
I would like to contact the original question writer about his piano organ combination.  pianopounder@live.com

LaDonna wrote at 2014-12-15 23:07:46
I was given a Janssen piano organ for Christmas in 1960.  I have wondered if I should move it almost 100 miles from the Greensboro area to my current home in Charlotte, NC.  I don't think the organ part has worked in many years.  I am thinking that it would be pointless to even try to find the tubes to make the organ functional again.  Nice to know anyone had even heard of this.  I was concerned that there were none to even talk about any more:)

The Duck wrote at 2016-01-03 02:16:43
The two Janssen Pianorgans that I have seen were loaded with a vintage Jensen 10" Alnico Speaker.  These speakers alone could sell for $100 to $150 dollars each.  If I remember correctly, one of the pianos had two speakers, the other only had one.

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