Picture Framing and Art Preservation/framing Panamanian molas


George wrote at 2013-03-26 14:55:00
WOW! One of the best on-line answers ever. Nothing to add.

GeoffSchultz wrote at 2013-07-14 12:33:12
This is a wonderful write-up, but I don't understand the paragraph that starts "You will see that there is a free edge beyond the edge of the mounted art on all sides.".  I'm a bit lost as to how take the pinned mola and attach it to the backing board.

Picture Framing and Art Preservation

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Jennifer Pierce


I can answer any questions related to picture framing, art display, or art installation, including very large pieces, canvas stretching, shadow boxing, needlework mounting, and just about any type of dimensional or non-dimensional artwork display. The only questions I cannot answer pertain to fine artwork restoration (e.g. your Van Gogh oil painting is faded and you want it to be restored to the original brilliance--call a reputable museum for that).


I have been in the picture framing business since 1987, with a specialization in hospitality (hotels) and commercial office installations. I have worked on artwork for nearly every major hotel and design firm in the world and have designed some pretty wild installations. Additionally, I have experience with almost every type of conservation technique

All of my education was acquired in the field.

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