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neil wrote at 2013-03-04 18:59:51
I am not sure how old this question and answer is, and if you have already had the flag framed or not, but just for future reference to others who may have similar interest and looking for solution,  1.  If you consider framing it unfurled, you might want to consider using UV coated Acrylic instead of glass. The glass that size is a big "shattering risk". Because of its weight. A slight vibration can cause it to shatter. The Plexi (acrylic) comes in UNcoated as well as UV coated varieties.  UV coated will be probably twice as much money, but it is shatter proof, and less than half the weight of glass same size.  It is an investment.

2.  The framer whom you may chose to have the work done may have to splice two mat boards together.  In old days, they used to make mat board of upto 72" in length.  These days the OVERSIZED mat is just 60" long.  Considering the size of the flag, the framer may have to splice two boards together.  Using a suade textu4red mat for background has one advantage, which is that with a light brushing over the joint, the joint can be very well hidden.  I had to do a Service Flag from World War - I, which was a 6 ft X 4 ft vertical flag with tassels on three sides. And I had to splice two dark blue suade textured mats together.  

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