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I have an oil painting that has a water stain on the linen matting.  Can I clean this myself, and if so, how?

Thank you very much!

Hi Karen,

Thanks for the question. It's not really a big deal for your question, but I'd like to clarify that what you have is most likely not a mat, but probably what we call a liner. It's basically a frame moulding covered in fabric, traditionally linen or something similar, and used to provide a bit of visual relief between the frame and the painting.

It's hard to tell exactly what would clean the spot from your liner. It will depend on the nature of the stain, the fabric and its age. I would give a product called K2r a try. It's available in some grocery and hardware stores or directly from the manufacturer. The website is at http://www.k2rbrands.com/products/original.htm.

You spray it on, let it dry to a powder and then brush the powder off. I would test it first in an inconspicuous spot and use it on the entire liner, not just the spot. Otherwise you will end up with one clean bright area. Also be sure to cover the painting so that none of the cleaner gets on it, or even better, remove it from the frame if possible.

I hope this works out well for you. If you don't get the results you were hoping for it would probably be easiest to take it to a custom framer to have the liner replaced. It shouldn't be too expensive or a lot of trouble.  

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