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jamshaid wrote at 2009-10-18 15:49:24
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Asif Fida wrote at 2011-02-22 05:31:13
I think your pigeon's problem is a Pot Jam. You may know that birds have two stomachs, one is called the pota which is used for storing the food and another one is the stomach which actually digest the food. You have mentioned that ur infected pigeons don't eat. Note that whenever pigeon stop eating then first of all you need to check their pota, if they have not digested the food taken earlier, then this is the sign of Pota Jam. Pota Jam actually means that food is not transferred from the Pota (i.e. the first stomach) to the Stomach (i.e. the 2nd and the actual stomach). The simple remedy I use for Pota Jam is that I give them two Karmina or Gestofill tablets per pegeon and the next day u will find them ok and they will also start eating.

Hope it will help u.

TanzLoft wrote at 2014-05-19 17:35:17
Hi Rana,

I think it is late to reply , but I saw your questions while searching on google :(

As you have mentioned that you have 10 years of experience, so you can track it easily.

Have you noticed in what season your pigeon has attack by this disease ?

My suspect is on ND. It happened to me as well. usually this disease attack while weather change. (winter-summer and vice versa).

use NDLasota vaccine to your pigeons. it is recommended to vaccine after every 2-3 months but you can vaccine in Mar-April and Sep-Oct.




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