Its Mahreen again .
My pigeon is making noise since whole day for apparently no reason.And this don't let other birds sleep. Though they are in separate cage and also it's annoying to us.Even yesterday they one pigeon was continuously making noise for sometime. Can you tell me what could be the reason and how to keep pigeon. Also as i go near cage it gets fluffy nd in defensive mood.Usually he gets defensive only when he thinks were are to get female pigeon. :D which never happens actually instead we are there to just put food in cups.
Mahreen Junaid

Hi Mahreen,

Pigeons can be very vocal, especially the males when a female is nearby. Were they already a pair when you received them? It can be challenging to control or discourage this behavior. You can relocate the pigeons to another room if they are disturbing you and your other birds and if it is warm enough outside, you can purchase or build an outdoor enclosure that's predator and weather proof to keep them outside. I wouldn't recommend separating them unless they are fighting with each other. They may still make noises when alone. You may also try covering the cage with a towel to decrease light and visual stimuli to help quiet them down, but do not keep them covered for extended periods of time (pigeons love and need sunlight) and make sure they are able to get fresh air (I don't want them suffocating).

Pigeons are prey animals and are also territorial and defensive so when you notice him fluffing up when you get closer (you seen as the intruder), that's basically his way of saying (threatening) "don't get any closer or I'll bite you or slap you with my wings," which they typically do. Fluffing up feathers also helps them appear larger and scarier.

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