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I have access to a rarely used Calm reformer for 1,500 and am trying to compare to others to see if it is worth paying more for another brand.  Have looked at the stott spx home and max, balanced body allegro or the stamina 557.  Need help! My need is for my personal use in my home, but i have been working out in studios on their equipment for over 4 years so am used to a smooth stable, versitile machine.  the calm seems sturdy and offers most of what I'm looking for like varying spring resistance, but is very heavy and harder to move than newer versions.

Hi Karen,

I had not heard of this brand before but looked it up on google to find there was a youtube advert for the sale of one.  I am assuming you are talking about $1500 - which is a very inexpensive price for a home reformer.

Have you been able to use it?  were you happy with the performance?  You say you are used to commercial/professional equipment - so you will definitely find this one a different experience.  Looking at pics and this youtube advert it seems narrower than usual but this may be just the camera angle.

I suppose it comes down to budget and how you will compare this piece to your usual practice.

My main concern would be whether you have tried it out before you buy it and if you have, are happy with the performance - that's ok.

If you have the budget for a new, more modern piece then of course I would recommend that.

sorry I cant say a clear yes or no - it's so personal.  I understand this company no longer produces these machines - so of course there would be no after sales service - just a consideration, although reformers are a lifetime investment and don't generally require much maintenance other than cleaning, and attention to pulleys and ropes.

good luck with your purchase.

Nuala Coombs


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