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Pilates/PIlates for core and chest


I am a male in my late twenties I have questions regarding working out and diet?
I tend to put on weight on my chest and on the sides of my abs. I have the following questions.

1. As we age does our ability to lose weight/fat reduces ? When I was in my early twenties it would be easy for me to lose weight but its a lot more difficult now

2. Please suggest exercises to reduce the flab on my chest and side obliques. I have been currently doing some basic form of pilates and knee based push-ups.


In answer to your first question, yes our metabolism may slow down as we age dependent on our lifestyle, if, as we age we continue to be active with a well balanced diet, these changes can be minimised.

Spot reducing fat is very difficult as our bodies do not realise we have a specific area we need addressing - Upper body exercises such as
push ups and overhead presses, lat pull downs will utilise the muscles in the chest and upper back.  However, you need a well balanced
programme to target the full body along with a diet that is limited in sugar and processed foods.

There is no easy answer or exercise to directly effect a particular area of the body.  Continue with your Pilates programme which will help to strengthen and shape your abdominals and improve posture, flexibility and mobility together with your specific push ups and don't forget to look at your diet.

Good luck

Nuala Coombs  


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