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Hi Nuala,

I was hoping you might be able to point me in the right direction for how to get started with pilates. My main concerns are that I have some right shoulder problems, and have lost muscle tone down my arm and down my chest and back. I can't support much weight with my shoulder, as I get bones grinding on each other. I'd like to rebuild some muscle tone in this area.

I also have endometriosis, and believe that there may be poses that I should stick away from.

Would you be able to advise on a beginners pilates program I can do at home? I don't have a reformer, but do have some resistance bands and foam blocks and roller.

Thank you in advance :)

Hi Jess,

I have no doubt that Pilates is a good choice for you and will help you find the results you want in time.  You do not say what the exact problem
is with your shoulder and so I suggest before you start any exercise programme you get come medical guidance about what you should avoid.

Shoulders can be complicated - I note you mention loss of muscles tone.  So. Just to be on the safer side - get some professional, medical guidance.  Although there are many dvds out there for home use - initially I suggest you try to get some personal training with a qualified teacher this will set you on a good foundation.  It is so easy to misinterpret information received through a screen.  When you find a good teacher they can give you some specific guidance for your particular situation.

Then if you prefer you can continue at home.

I hope this is helpful.

Good luck

Nuala Coombs


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