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Hi Gary,
Maybe you can help me...
I would have some info about how to identify the very first USA
pressing of "The Dark Side Of The Moon" LP vinyl record by
Harvest label.
Is there any indication on cover like text/printing/ so reference that identify the first original USA press from 1973?
Thank you very much in advance!
Kind regards,

Here is a link that breaks down all the United States pressings of Dark Side of the Moon.  It's in Italian but if you open it in the Google Chrome browser, it will give you the option to translate into English and it is a very spot on translation.  Sorry for the slow response.  I hope this helps.



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I'd like to think I can answer anything. I've been collecting Pink Floyd music and memorabilia since 1982. I literally have dozens of books and hundreds of magazines with Pink Floyd articles from which to research and verify.


I was on a highly rated allexperts volunteer on this subject approximately 12 years ago but got too distracted by other things in life and had to drop out. I find myself with a lot of free time on my hands these days and would like to take a crack at it again.

I went to college for a while to study history but have not completed my degree.

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