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Hi....I'm trying to put together a compilation for my ipod, and most of the Pink Floyd that I know is what I hear repeatitively on the radio.  

I guess what I'm looking for without buying all the albums and sifting through everything would be 20-30 tracks that best represent Pink Floyd, from a popular and an artistic standpoint.  I'm an Aerosmith fanatic, myself...I make cds for friends/co-workers as a hobby, and I keep a template for what I consider to be their classic and essential tracks without the "fringe".

Can you help?

Hello Mike,
Wow, what a great question.  Sorry for the delay.  Pink Floyd has essentially taken all the guess work out of it for you with their 'best of' release, "Echoes".  It totally represents, what they feel is their best work with not much fringe.  Its perfect for a fair-weather Floyd fan or for someone just getting into their music.  It's kind of like Aerosmith "Greatest Hits" and "Big Ones"

Thanks for the question and please don't forget to rate my answer.


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I'm recognized, worldwide as a leading expert on Pink Floyd. I'm the presenter and producer of a Pink Floyd podcast called "Brain Damage - the definitive Pink Floyd radio show" at Its been going strong since 2005... even the Floyd know about it (really, they do). Ask away... but please DO NOT ask me to appraise your rare Pink Floyd items.


See "Expertise"... I'm an avid Floyd fan/collector for 30+ years, since I was 8 years old. The sounds and sights of Pink Floyd have had a huge impact on my life.

I've been interviewed as an expert on Pink Floyd by several radio and television stations throughout North America.

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