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Pink Floyd/Pink Floyd Crackers 3LP set-TAKRL 3969


Pink Floyd Crackers 3LP box set
Pink Floyd Crackers 3L  
QUESTION: Yesterday, April 28, 2012, I have listed in eBay the above Pink Floyd Crackers 3LP box set. Today, April 29, I received an email from eBay saying that my listing was removed due to copyright violation upon request from the Pink Floyd Management. Ebay said that I could contact Pink Floyd Management at  that is not a valid email address. I checked the and eBay has previously allowed such listings and sales. I have two questions: 1. do you think that eBay received a fake email and request? 2. how can I still sell this Pink Floyd Crackers album (sealed) online if not via eBay? (any suggestions?). Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Pink Floyd management is well with their right.  Crackers is an unauthorized bootleg.  Its wrong to sell them and thats why it was removed.  Bootlegs should never be for sale.  Your bootleg is has no monitary value.  I'm sorry if this is not the answer you were hoping for.  


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: First, thank you for your prompt response and clarifications. Secondly, I previously checked if there is any such Pink Floyd Management agency or office and I've got nowhere. The email address provided by eBay to contact them was  that is not a valid email address (I checked such validity using several sources online and it simply does not exist). Said Pink Floyd Crackers set was previously sold via eBay dozens of times (with various prices up to hundreds of dollars). So, how such sales were previously allowed by eBay and all of a sudden no? Is there something new in the policy for selling bootlegs LPs? I don't understand this since people have been selling bootleg LPs for dozens of years now with no problems or consequences? I dont' know what else to say. Practically I cannot check the authenticity of the claim eBay received as they don't reveal it to me - they just claim this. I believe that they received a fake request-claim and they just followed. Again, thank you for your time and consideration,
Emil Anghel
Hartford, CT

for some reason I just got this follow up.  sorry for the delay.  Pink Floyd Management is not listed as such.  Its listed under a different name called "One Fifteen" who happens to manage other bands as well.  I'll warn you, if you do manage to contact them, they won't take kindly to you selling a bootleg.

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